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What is the manufacturing process of lithium batteries?

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The cathode materials of lithium batteries include lithium cobalt oxide LiCoO2, ternary materials Ni+Mn+Co, lithium manganate LiMn2O4 plus conductive agent and binder, which are coated on aluminum foil to form a positive electrode, and the negative electrode is layered graphite plus conductive agent and bonding The agent is coated on the copper foil base tape, and the more advanced negative electrode layered graphite particles have adopted nano-carbon.

1. Pulping: use a special solvent and a binder to mix with the powdered positive and negative active materials, and stir them evenly to make a slurry of positive and negative materials.

2. Coating: The positive and negative electrode slurry is uniformly coated on the surface of the metal foil by an automatic coating machine, and the positive and negative electrode pieces are automatically cut after automatic drying.

3. Assembling: according to the top-down sequence of positive electrode sheet-diaphragm-negative electrode sheet-diaphragm, through winding and injecting electrolyte, sealing, positive and negative electrode lug welding and other technological processes, the assembly process of the battery is completed and the finished battery is made.

4. Formation: Put the finished battery in the test cabinet for charge and discharge test, screen out the qualified finished battery, and wait for it to leave the factory.


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