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How to maintain the lithium battery?

Date of Issue:2020-07-15 Click:

The charging voltage shall not be higher than the maximum charging voltage, and the minimum working voltage shall not be lowered when discharging.

Lithium-ion batteries must be kept above the minimum operating voltage at any time. Over-discharge or self-discharge reactions at low voltages will cause decomposition and destruction of lithium-ion active materials, which may not necessarily be reduced.

Any form of overcharging of lithium-ion batteries will cause serious damage to battery performance and even explosion. Li-ion batteries must avoid overcharging the battery during the charging process.

Do not often deep discharge and deep charge. However, after about 30 charging cycles, the power detection chip will automatically perform a deep discharge and deep charge to accurately assess the battery's status.

Avoid high temperature, which may shorten the life span, or cause an explosion in severe cases. Store in the refrigerator if possible. If the notebook computer is using AC power, please unplug the lithium-ion battery bar to avoid the heat generated by the computer.

Avoid freezing, but the freezing point of most lithium-ion battery electrolyte solutions is -40°C, which is not easy to freeze.

If you do not use it for a long time, please store it with a charge of 40% to 60%. When the battery is too low, it may be over-discharged due to self-discharge.

Since lithium-ion batteries will naturally age when they are not in use, they should be purchased according to the actual amount needed when buying, and should not be purchased too much.

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