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When charging lithium-ion batteries, what issues should be paid attention to?

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Overcharge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries can cause permanent damage to the positive and negative electrodes. Excessive discharge causes the negative carbon sheet structure to collapse, and the collapse will cause lithium ions to be unable to be inserted during the charging process; overcharging causes too many lithium ions to be inserted into the negative carbon structure, and some of the lithium ions cannot be released anymore.

The charging capacity is equal to the charging current multiplied by the charging time. When the charging control voltage is constant, the larger the charging current (the faster the charging speed), the smaller the charging power. Excessive battery charging speed and improper termination voltage control point will also cause insufficient battery capacity. In fact, some electrode active materials of the battery will stop charging without sufficient reaction. This insufficient charging phenomenon increases with the increase in the number of cycles.

The first charge and discharge, if the time can be longer (usually 3-4 hours is enough), then the electrode can reach the highest oxidation state as much as possible (full charge), and the discharge (or use) is forced to discharge It can activate the battery capacity until it is turned off automatically.

However, in normal use of lithium-ion batteries, this operation is not required, and it can be charged as needed at any time. It does not have to be fully charged or discharged first. For operations like charging and discharging for the first time, you only need to perform continuous 1-2 times every 3-4 months.


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