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What safety features should a qualified lithium ion battery have?

Date of Issue:2020-07-15 Click:

Regarding the assessment indicators for the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries, very strict standards are stipulated in the world. A qualified lithium-ion battery should meet the following conditions in terms of safety performance:

(1) Short circuit: no fire, no explosion

(2) Overcharge: no fire, no explosion

(3) Hot box test: no fire, no explosion (constant temperature of 150℃ for 10min)

(4) Acupuncture: no explosion (use a Ф3mm nail to penetrate the battery)

(5) Plate impact: no fire, no explosion (10kg heavy objects slam into the battery from a height of 1M)

(6) Incineration: no explosion (gas flame barbecue battery)


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