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Why is the high price of new energy vehicles originated from power lithium batte

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New energy vehicles are mainly composed of battery drive system, motor system, electronic control system and assembly. Among them, the motor, electronic control and assembly are basically the same as those of traditional cars, and the reason for the price difference lies in the battery drive system. From the perspective of the cost structure of new energy vehicles, battery drive systems account for 30-45% of the cost of new energy vehicles, and power lithium batteries account for about 75-85% of the cost of battery drive systems.

The core of solving the high price of new energy vehicles is to reduce the one-time purchase cost of power lithium batteries. Commercialized power lithium batteries on the market mainly include lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium manganese oxide batteries and ternary material batteries. The Chinese market is dominated by lithium iron phosphate, while Japan and South Korea mostly choose hybrid batteries of lithium manganese oxide and ternary materials. system. CCID’s statistics show that domestic lithium iron phosphate batteries are priced at about 3-4 yuan/Wh, and lithium manganate and ternary material batteries are about 4-5 yuan/Wh. Considering the battery capacity of different types of new energy vehicles, the battery capacity of plug-in hybrid vehicles is 10-16KWh, the battery capacity of pure electric vehicles is 24-60KWh, and the battery capacity of pure electric buses is generally 200-400Kwh, corresponding to the battery price At the levels of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, 70 to 180,000 yuan, and 600 to 1.2 million yuan, such high battery prices are the main reason for the high prices of new energy vehicles.

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